Face Is Familiar…

Another in my occasional series of features about the hard-working actors and actresses who have impressive CVs but whose names you don’t quite know…




Bruce McGill is one of the main reasons I decided to take on this side series of blogs.  His career is a spectacular one and you no doubt recognise him but you probably don’t know his name.  I first became aware of him as a fan of Quantum Leap in which he played pivotal roles in both the pilot episode and the last ever episode.  This role in the last episode almost implied he was an omnipotent presence in Sam Beckett’s leaping around in time.  Making you wonder if he was God and in control of Sam’s efforts.


But long before he was offering sage advice to time travellers, McGill was working as a jobbing actor finding cult fame playing D-Day in National Lampoon’s Animal House in 1978.  Over the years he has been a regular face in many big films including The Last Boy Scout, Cliffhanger, Timecop, The Insider, The Sum of All Fears and Collateral to name just a few.


Perhaps, though, he is most known for his recurring role in the hit television series MacGyver in which he played Jack Dalton, the eponymous hero’s best friend and comic relief.  Always a regular face in episodic television series like Law & Order, Home Improvement, Babylon 5 and Walker, Texas Ranger, for seven series he played Boston detective Vince Korsak in the popular crime drama Rizzoli & Isles.  He also had a recurring role in The Cleveland Show.


With over 150 entries on IMDb and showing no signs of slowing down, McGill most recently appeared on screen in a supporting role in NCIS.  Always reliable and prolific, McGill’s humour and delivery mark him out as one of the best actors you’ve never heard of.











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