Face Is Familiar…

Another in my occasional series of posts looking at those hard-working actors and actresses who appear in absolutely everything but who’s name escapes you.




Much like his Canadian counterpart and friend Ed Bishop, Shane Rimmer has forged an illustrious career in film and television here in the UK.  The two friends even joked together that they were becoming “rent-a-yanks” in the business , their paths crossing in a number of projects over the years.

Rimmer emigrated to England in the late 1950s and soon began finding work as a bit-part player in films and television.  His first major film role came in Stanley Kubrick‘s Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb where he played Captain ‘Ace’ Owens.  Roles followed in The Saint, Danger Man and Doctor Who before starting a long-lasting association with Gerry Anderson‘s productions in Thunderbirds.  As well as Scott Tracy, Rimmer also provided uncredited voices in Captain Scarlet and the Mystersons and Joe 90 as well writing some of the scripts.


Rimmer also has the distinction of appearing in three different James Bond movies as three separate characters (You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever and The Spy Who Loved Me) as well as the first three Superman films, also as different characters.  Never seemingly out of work, Rimmer’s credits also include roles in White Nights, Out Of Africa, Spy Game and Batman Begins as well as prominent guest roles in the long-running soap opera Coronation Street.


His voice was also heard in the spoof stop-motion animated series Dick Spanner P.I. in 1987 and The Amazing World of Gumball before returning to the Thunderbirds family once more in 2015. A familiar face at fan conventions, Rimmer also published his autobiography, From Thunderbirds To Pterodactyls, in 2010 and a work of fiction, Long Shot, in 2014.


Face Is Familiar – Shane Rimmer

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