Face Is Familiar…

One of Hollywood’s hardest working actors with over 100 credits on television and film, not to mention his stage roles.  Often seen playing concerned fathers or shady authority figures, his name might escape you but his face…well, his face looks familiar.




Before starting his acting career, De Young was the lead singer of sixties band Clear Light where they played on the same bill as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and The Doors.  After the band broke up he made his way to New York and, specifically Broadway, where he starred in a production of Hair and Sticks and Bones.  After four years in New York he returned to California and took a starring role in the television movie and subsequent television series, Sunshine where he played a man whose wife is dying of Cancer and featured the songs of John Denver.


He went on to star in over 80 films and television programmes including Harry and Tonto alongside Art Carney; Shock Treatment, a sort of sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Tony Scott‘s The Hunger where his fellow co-stars included Susan Sarandon and David Bowie.


Perhaps most prolific during the 1980s, De Young starred as a corrupt special agent in the action thriller F/X alongside Bryan Brown and Brian Dennehy; as David’s father in the classic family adventure Flight of the Navigator and another concerned father in the 1988 chiller Pulse.  There also followed guest spots on popular television programmes Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The X-Files and The West Wing.


Still going strong in movies, television and theatre Cliff De Young is one of those actors whose work you know but don’t know.  Always reliable and a constant presence for over forty years his name might not be as well known but his face sure is familiar




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