Face Is Familiar…

Second in a new series of posts celebrating those actors and actresses whose name you might not know but their face sure is familiar…




An actress who has gained a cult following thanks to her work in classic horrors like Cujo, Dee Wallace worked briefly as a high school drama teacher before breaking into movies and television.  Her big screen debut came in the cult sci-fi chiller The Stepford Wives where she played the maid before going on the run from cannibals in The Hills Have Eyes.  A part in 10 followed before more monster horrors in The Howling.


But it’s her role as sympathetic mum in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. that she is perhaps best known.  In anyone else’s hands it could have been played very differently but Wallace plays it for real almost like the typical girl next door.  Many more roles followed but less so on the big screen.  On television she appeared in guest roles on popular shows and starred with her then husband, Christopher Stone, in The New Lassie series which ran for 2 seasons.


More recently she has guest-starred in more modern supernatural television shows like Ghost Whisperer, Grimm and Supernatural.  She was also nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her part in long-running drama General Hospital.  One look at her IMDb page and you will see that she is far from running out of steam with several projects either completed, filming or in production.


Face Is Familiar – Dee Wallace

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