2013…How was it for you?

To say 2013 has been an eventful year would be an understatement…

At the end of last year/beginning of this year my sister gave up work at the garden Centre to become a full-time carer for mum, whose Alzheimer’s has gradually got worse. We had no idea just how challenging Mum’s condition would be – it has been especially hard to see the vibrant woman who raised us being slowly chipped away to leave only fragments of the mum we once knew.
It was with great sadness that, in October of this year we took the difficult decision to find a suitable rest home for her. We had always said that if anything should happen to her we would never put her in a home, but you just never know what’s coming round the corner, and we weren’t able to provide the care that she so desperately needed. Thankfully we found an amazing place – Brinnington Hall – where, after a shaky start, she has settled in beautifully and even has the old sparkle back in her eyes. Even though she doesn’t actually remember us for who we are, she does recognise us and greets us every time with smiles, hugs and kisses.
Amidst all the drama of dealing with mum’s Alzheimer’s we made the life-changing decision to move house.  Some would say we were crazy, and we probably were, but with my sister not working and mum unable to use the stairs as comfortably (or safely) as normal it was the right decision.  In June, after 37 years, we left our family home and moved to Bredbury.  We are now closer to my brother and his family, not to mention only five minutes from mum’s home.
The two months since mum moved to Brinnington Hall have been very strange – trying to lead a “normal” life without her here is just plain odd! Even though she is still close by, it does feel like a bereavement but we know that she is in the best place and, most importantly, she is happy and safe.

So, now that it’s Christmas, it seems only right that we reflect on a really, really bizarre year and look forward to what 2014 has to offer. May it be much better than this one!!!!