Didn’t He Do Well?

I had the pleasure of seeing a great entertainer perform live last night at the Lowry theatre, Salford Quays.  Its rare these days to find someone who can sing, dance, tell jokes and keep an audience enthralled all by himself but Sir Bruce Forsyth did just that, proving why he is still on top of his game after 70 years in showbusiness.

From the moment he stepped on stage he was greeted by love and affection; a rapturous applause and heartfelt cheers prompted him to begin his one man show.  Singing and dancing his way through musical numbers and inviting members of the audience onto the stage with him which harked back to the glory days of The Generation Game where Bruce is truly at home.

Along the way there were little nods to friends and colleagues who have passed away, culminating in a beautiful rendtion of Barry Manilow’s “I Made It Through The Rain”.  All the time accompanied by Dave Arch and his orchestra and music director Don Hunt who also provided a great comic foil for Sir Bruce.

At the end of the show, Bruce sat down on his own for a short Q&A session where he talked about his fitness regime, his friendship with Sammy Davis Jr and his time on The Generation Game and Play Your Cards Right before concluding the show with a gorgeous piece with him, a piano and a spotlight. 

No wonder the audience, myself included, were on their feet for this giant of showbiz.  A true great and one of Britain’s last all-round entertainers.

It was nice to see you Bruce, to see you nice.



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