End Of An Era

After much soul-searching we have reached a very big decision.  We have decided to sell our house!

I’ve lived here since I was a one-year-old (if you’re interested, that’s 36 years ago!) and, as the saying goes, if these walls could talk they would tell some amazing stories.  Like the time I jumped off the stairs onto the landing, pretending to be James Bond or Colt Seavers, only to land on a random carpet tack and cut my knee (I still have the scar!)

We’ve seen so many people come and go from this tiny avenue, houses knocked down, extensions built, gardens developed, births, marriages and deaths – the whole shebang! I love this little place, even though most of the time I actually hate it!  Even though I might complain a lot, I do actually quite like it here.  Sure, I’m going to miss looking out of my window of a morning and seeing the car showroom’s car park and hearing the car alarms going off in the middle of the night but, in a funny way it’s comforting to know that that won’t change.  They are a constant in this ever-changing world of ours, where we go from day to day not really noticing anything until it’s too late.

Anyway, don’t let me get too maudlin about the whole thing!  In a bizarre way I’m quite looking forward to this new adventure!

It’s time to move on…






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