Too Close For Comfort


There are moments in our lives that you come to recognise as close calls.  The past couple of weeks have been that for our family.

Our amazing mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer but, thanks in part to our GP, it was caught early and has since been dealt with.  I can’t begin to tell you what a long couple of weeks it has been…


The last time we had to deal with the word ‘Cancer’ was fifteen years ago when my dad was diagnosed and subsequently passed away in a matter of weeks from the disease.  So when the verdict was actually delivered only the worst kind of thoughts shot through my mind.  One week on from the scans and x-rays she was being booked to go in to hospital for a mastectomy.  I think the fact that it all happened so fast is a blessing – there hasn’t been as much time to sit and dwell on the possibilities.  It has also been a bit manic, to say the least.

But, the good news is just that – good news! She’s had the op and, after spending two nights in hospital, is back home where she belongs with her loving family.  She’s been so brave and strong throughout this ordeal that it makes me even more proud to be her son.

As for the staff at the hospital? I can’t say enough good things about them.  They have been nothing but professional, warm, considerate and above all generous with their time.  They made what should have been an uncomfortable stay in hospital a much better experience and I take my hat off to them.  I work for the NHS so I know the kind of pressure these people are put under, but they have given me a new found faith in the company I work for.

So thank you to the staff at The Bobby Moore Unit and Jasmine Ward at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport for taking care of our precious cargo.  We, as a family, cannot thank you enough for what you have done, even though its a job you do day in and day out.  To us, you are miracle workers.


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