Lemon Juice

This was the first of my poems to be published and its also one of my very favourite pieces.

I saw you across an empty table

Like lemon juice in a paper cut, you got my attention

Your warmth, your humour, your smile, your looks

I pause for a moment as you play with my emotions

Am I getting the signals right?

You want me?

Or not?

You are strangely familiar yet strangely obscure

For someone so playful you seem so aloof

You order the same wine

We feast on the same food

We share a trip to the bathroom

Why must you play with me so?

The waiter brings over my cheque

I see you have yours too

I raise myself out of the chair


You are there!


I head for the door

But first, a little look back

You are gone

Leaving nothing behind but an empty chair

In front of a mirrored wall

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